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To renounce your citizenship, you must file a formal application with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). You can request information about how to do this online or by calling DHS’s Citizen Services Line at 1-800-827-9747. For more information on renouncing your citizenship, please see our article on renouncing your citizenship.How to Renounce Your Citizenship.

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If you meet the requirements set forth in the Constitution, you can become an American citizen. To do so, you must use the American citizenship clause of the United States Constitution and register to vote. You can also serve in a civilian or military capacity if you are registered to do so. Finally, get a driver’s license and start driving!

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Citizens of the United States enjoy many rights and benefits, including the right to vote, hold office, travel freely within the country, and own property. Some of these rights and benefits may be lessened or eliminated depending on your citizenship status. For example, you may not have the same rights as other citizens if you are not a US resident or are unauthorized to live in the country.